Located in the region of Los Angeles County, California, Alhambra is a dynamic city. It is about 8 miles right from the Downtown Los Angeles civic center. Finding local movers in Alhambra is a daunting task than you may think. Although there are many local movers in Alhambra, the only sure way to have a hassle free moving is by consulting a primed and trusted mover company.

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Alhambra, California
Alhambra, California

By choosing the right mover company, your belongings arrive at your home intact and on time. Choosing the wrong mover, on the other hand, will risk your belongings being tampered with or even delayed. With the wrong moving company, you might find your belongs in a truck on the way to the wrong destination or even the items may be put in warehouse when they are supposed to be delivered.

When you are seeking the services of a local mover, you have safety of your belongings first. If you are out searching for movers, we help you do that easily and fast to make sure your items arrive safely and on time.


Moving Companies Directory

NorthStar Moving Company
NorthStar Moving Company was founded in 1994 and offers award winning services in local, long distance, as well as international moving alongside full service storage services. Our red carpet service has enabled us be voted as Best Mover by Citysearch.

9120 Mason Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91311
9120 Mason Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(800) 275-7767

Website: northstarmoving.com
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Golan’s Moving & Storage Inc.

A local Los Angeles mover with over 20 years experience. Golan’s movers in Los Angeles area have helped people and businesses move to new places and begin a fresh start. With a great nationwide reputation, Golan’s movers offer you punctual mover services with complete moving, packing, as well as storage services within Los Angeles including Alhambra city, all these at a fair cost.

6095 Rickenbacker Road
Los Angeles, CA 90040


Website: http://www.golansmoving.com/


Prodigy Moving & Storage

Prodigy Moving & Storage has been providing moving services since 1999 and it specializes on residential and commercial local as well as long distance moving. Prodigy Moving & Storage has an outstanding care for your belongings and valuables while keeping the cost of moving down.


312 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(818) 993-8813

Website: http://www.prodigymoving.com/


Americas Choice Moving & Storage

America’s Choice Moving & Storage specializes in residential as well as commercial moving. This company offers stress free, simple, and safe move. America’s Choice Moving & Storage takes pride in what they do and value their customers.
14417 Gilmore st
Van Nuys, CA 91401