California Moving: School, Homes & Business

It can be a big change just moving from one part of California to another, much less moving to California from another state. To help out our readers, we’ve put together a list of introductory resources to get you acquainted with living and working in the state, as well as some helpful links to information you’ll want to hang onto for later.


School Rankings & Crime Statistics


Crime statistics and quality of local schools are often cited as highly important factors in deciding where to live and that certainly holds true in California. Here are some guides to local crime numbers and school rankings that will help as you explore places to live in California.


Guide to California Schools – A searchable guide to California public and private schools, including all counties and grades K-12.


Crime Reports – Find local and real time crime data for any city by name or zip code.


Home Buying & Rental Resources


Whether you plan on buying or renting in California, you’ll find a wide selection of choices. In general, pricier options tend to be found around major metro areas (San Francisco & Los Angeles). In mid to large sized cities and rural areas, reasonably priced rentals and homes can be easier to find.


California Association of Realtors – A great resource for potential home buyers or sellers, the CAR has events, tools, advice and more.


Tenant & Landlord Rights & Responsibilities – If you’re a renter or landlord, make sure you’re aware of the rights and responsibilities of both parties.



California Business Information


For business owners or prospective businesses, California offers a wealth of opportunity. In addition to the many resources available within the state, California is also a leader in environmentally friendly business and high technology, both of which serve to inform and evolve how business is done on a worldwide basis. For anyone looking to start or relocate a business to California, these are helpful places to consult, both from the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development:


California State Business Licenses – A very helpful resource if you’re planning on starting a business or moving a business to California.


Starting A California Business – An overview and basic guide of the steps that you should take to start a business in California.