California is one the most diverse and beautiful places in America with its endless beaches, rolling Redwoods, and unforgettable landscapes.  Not only is it a great place to visit, but the potential for economic success for those who move here is undeniably attractive.  Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to call this paradise home.   Luckily, for those who are moving to or visiting California, there are tons of options for moving your vehicle.  Have you ever dreamed of rolling down the Pacific Coast Highway in your own vehicle, not some unfamiliar rental car?  Well, it’s completely feasible.  Vehicle transport and auto shipping is worth it in the long term, whether or not you plan to just visit or settle down for good.  There are many ways to go about auto shipping, so here are some tips for finding and using the best automobile transport companies here.



3 Tips For Shipping Your Vehicle To California

  • Shop aroundThe smart way to get quotes and compare prices from California vehicle shippers is to do your homework.  There are California auto transport services across the state, so make sure the one you choose is conveniently located close to your intended destination.  There are also seasonal discounts and specials to be aware of so choose wisely.  Make sure that you check the BBB accredited review of any auto transport company that you plan to utilize, and review websites will help you sort the good from the bad.  You can also contact us to see that you have the most stress free choice to choosing your CA auto transport service.
  • Preparation-Many people who use vehicle transport are coming from thousands of miles away, so it is vital that you prepare your vehicle for its journey.  Check your fluids, and gas levels to ensure you have a well running machine to greet you when you pick it up from the vehicle transport service you choose.
  • Pinpoint- You’ll want to make sure that you have an easy to find, accessible drop- off delivery point for when you pick up your vehicle.  For example, choose a location that is close your terminal of choice so getting to your transported automobile is a breeze.

California auto transportation is a great tool for those who wish to bring their favorite car with them on their travels to the Golden State.   Forget rental cars or loaners, this way you can enjoy the sites and adventures that California offers from the comfort of your own car.  Auto shippers make this dream a reality so visit the California Department of Transportation website for more information on shipping your automobile to California.  If you’re stuck or need more information, please call us!

California Auto Transport Resources

  • California Department of Information and news about transportation.  Includes highway conditions, maps, live traffic videos, links to regional weather reports