Loomis is a small town located in Placer County in California. It is part of the Greater Sacramento Area and is considered a suburb of Sacramento, the capital of the state. In the early twentieth century the town was one of the largest shippers of fruit in the area. Loomis became an incorporated town in 1984. While the town itself is small with a population of just over 6,400 people, it is a strong community where people watch out and take care of each other. The area is quaint and rural but also offers excellent opportunities for those looking to be close to urban areas.


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Loomis has the climate, atmosphere and location that many people and businesses desire in an area. This makes the town a great place to consider relocating to. The moving companies in the area will gladly assist you with all of your relocation needs and efforts to make moving to Loomis an easy venture for you.

Loomis, California
Loomis, California

Loomis Moving Companies Directory

Colonial Van and Storage – As an agent for Allied Van Lines, one of the best moving services in the country, Colonial Van and Storage has the experience and knowledge of the moving industry to make sure every move they are involved in goes well. They offer full service moves to assist you with packing, transport and unpacking to make your move less stressful. They are residential, commercial and industrial movers and can take all projects big or small. They also work with military, government and federal relocations.

5901 88th St #700

Sacramento, California 95828‎

(888) 581-6667

Colonial Van and Storage


Mother Lode Van & Storage – Mother Lode Van & Storage are agent of North American, one of the largest movers in the country today. They handle home and business moves that are local, interstate or long distance and arrive on time and on schedule. They also will help you move and transport high value items like antique furniture, a pool table, fine art or a piano. Free estimates are available regarding the rates and costs of labor in your particular move.

11255 Pyrites Way

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670‎

(916) 631-4285

Mother Lode Van & Storage


Olsen & Fielding Moving Services – As agents of Mayflower, one of the biggest moving services in the world, Olsen & Fielding Moving Services have the experience and backing to make sure every move gets the correct attention and is handled properly. They can help you move long distance, local or out of state and can move any home or business for you. Free quotes can be had by visiting their website or by calling and speaking to customer service to find out more about prices for your moving project.

6350 Sky Creek Drive #600

Sacramento, CA 95828‎

(916) 383-8800

Olsen & Fielding Moving Services

Sacramento Movers – For a reliable move every time to your new apartment, condo, house, office building or corporate park, contact Sacramento Movers. They have vast experience in all kinds of moves and will customize a plan to suit your needs and budget perfectly. They strive to make your move less stressful for you and make sure everything runs on schedule so you can get settled in your new space.


4451 Gateway Park Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95834‎

(916) 414-8090

Sacramento Movers



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