Napa is the county seat and principal city located in Napa County in California. It is one of the oldest cities in the state, having been incorporated back in 1872.It has a warm climate with dry, warm summers and wet, cool winters. The county and city are famous for their wine production, vineyards and participation in the wine industry, making the city quite a draw for tourists to the area. The wine industry drives much of the local economy along with other agricultural efforts and health and government services. The downtown area has developed over the years to help bring more people to the area. Napa has a population of just under 77,000 people.


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Napa has the name recognition along with the great atmosphere to help draw people to the area. The outstanding climate and excellent recreational and business opportunities in the area have made it a popular destination for relocation. Moving companies in this area work with moves of all types and sizes and have great experience in handling belongings when you are moving to Napa.

Napa Moving Companies Directory

Chipman Relocations – Chipman Relocations offers a highly trained and experienced staff of movers for every relocation they are involved in. With over seventy years of experience in the industry they know how a residential or commercial move is supposed to be handled and are always sure to take the best care of your belongings. They offer full service moves to assist you with packing, transport and unpacking to make the move less stressful for you.


1551 Buena Vista Avenue

Alameda, CA 94501‎

(800) 755-0661

Chipman Relocations


Pleasant Hill Moving Storage – Pleasant Hill Moving Storage is a fully licensed and insured moving services company that can handle all moves for homes and businesses. They treat residential, commercial and industrial moves with the care and importance each deserves. They offer specialty services to handle delicate and high value items like fine art, a pool table, antique furniture, a piano, computer and office equipment or anything else that needs extra care during your move. Call them for a free estimate regarding the rates and costs of labor for your move so you can see their competitive pricing.

1887 Contra Costa Boulevard

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 307-9774

Pleasant Hill Moving Storage


Puma Moving Company – Puma Moving Company offers a wide array of moving services to help you accomplish all of your moving goals with ease. They have all of the necessary supplies, tools, materials and equipment to make sure everything is safe and secure and ready for your move. They can assist you in getting to your new apartment, condo, house or corporate park and are happy to move you to a new local, long distance or out of state

435 23rd Street

San Francisco, CA 94107‎

(415) 728-3021

Puma Moving Company


Walnut Creek Thrifty Movers – For the best and most secure move of your belongings, Walnut Creek Thrifty Movers is the company you should call first for assistance. They are available on short notice so they can help you out with a fast move when you really need it the most. They have over fifty years of experience in moving and are fully licensed and insured for your protection. Quotes are available so you can see the costs of labor for your move and how well it fits with your budget.


59 Greenway Drive

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

(925) 233-6194

Walnut Creek Thrifty Movers




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