When you’re moving to a new state, choosing the right city and neighborhood is perhaps one of the most important parts of the decision-making process. In California, for example, you can have a much different experience depending on whether you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco. The same could be said about Fresno and Bakersfield, or really any two cities in the state.

Within every city there are neighborhoods that each have their own distinctive feel and flavor to them. This list of resources will help guide you along the path of finding the right neighborhood in the right city when you’re moving to California.

California Neighborhood Scout – Neighborhood Scout is a site designed for people that are looking to buy a home, but it can be a great resource if you’re moving without buying as well. Included are reports on crime, demographics, work, schools and more.

Find Your Spot – An online survey that takes information you enter and returns ideal cities for you to live in based on your answers.

City Data – One of the best online hubs for anyone looking to move to a new city or neighborhood. The website has tons of information on just about everything you’ll want to know about a new area, including an interactive map and information sorted by state and city.

City Rating – Right up there with City Data is the City Rating website, which has similar information, but with more of a focus on comparison between different states. Ideal for anyone moving to California from out of state.

California Neighborhoods (Wikipedia) – There’s a lot to cover when you’re trying to decide which part of California to live in. This Wikipedia entry is a good starting point if you’re unfamiliar and need to get to know the different areas and regions within the state.

California Counties Census Info – Census information for the State of California which can be searched by county or city. (Note that the current census numbers reflect information from 2010 and estimate current statistics.)

Area Vibes – Explore different cities and neighborhoods with this website that has loads of information on just about every corner of California. You simply enter an address, zip code, city or neighborhood and you’re taken right to the information for that area.

Local Eats – Dining options can be an important factor in deciding where you live and we haven’t forgotten about you foodies. This website lets you search for restaurants in any city or just look for something near your current location.

Visit California – Though this website was designed with vacationers and visitors in mind, it can be a great resource for getting familiar with the state if you live outside California. You’ll find travel tools, popular destination spots and discover much of what makes the Golden State such an appealing place to live.

California Living Wage Calculator – Find the living wage estimate for different areas of country, state, county or city.

Cost Of Living Comparison – Curious how far your paycheck will stretch when you move to California? Find out by comparing the cost of living between different areas in the U.S.

Guide To California Schools – Quality of schools are an important factor in moving for anyone with children or planning on having children. This guide to California schools is from the Los Angeles Times but it covers schools from all over the state.

California Home Prices By Location – Prospective home buyers are probably already familiar with Trulia and similar websites, which can be a great place to get a feel for the local real estate market in different parts of the state.

Crime Report Map – Real time, interactive and searchable crime maps from all over the United States. An indispensable tool for anyone looking to move to a new neighborhood or city.

California Neighborhood Link – A general guide to different parts of the state, including several informational links and a discussion forum for questions, tips and advice.