Palo Alto can be found in the northwestern portion of Santa Clara County in California. It is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Palo Alto is well known for a number of things, including housing part of Stanford University. It is also the home of many technology companies and the headquarters of companies. It is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the country and also consistently ranks as one of the most educated areas in the country. Palo Alto is center point of Silicon Valley and thus the economy of the city is driven by the many companies that are based there. Along with these companies, Stanford University acts as the largest employer in the area. The climate of Palo Alto is much like that of other areas of San Francisco Bay with dry, warm summers and wetter, cooler winters. There are many art, culture and entertainment venues in the area to serve the community. The population of Palo Alto is over 64,400 people and growing.


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Palo Alto is a very popular area that may not be affordable to everyone, but if you find an area that you like for home or business, there are moving companies that operate in this area that can assist you with all types and sizes of relocations to help you with moving to Palo Alto.

Palo Alto, California
Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto Moving Companies Directory

Bluesky Express Trucking Inc. – At Bluesky Express Trucking, they have the professional staff you need to make sure your move is handled correctly. For over ten years they have been assisting homeowners and business owners in relocation efforts of all sizes. They can help with any local, long distance or out of state move and can even work on international moves to get you to your new location. Full service moves are always available to provide packing and unpacking services to make sure all of your belongings are moved with the greatest of care.

45200 Industrial Drive #2

Fremont, CA 94538‎

(510) 468-6668

Bluesky Express Trucking Inc.


Mont/Rose Moving Systems, Inc. – Mont/Rose Moving Systems works as a broker for Mayflower, one of the largest moving services in the world. They can help to get your move done right and have it done on time no matter where you need to go. Residential, commercial and industrial moves of all sizes are always welcome and they excel at handling high value items such as fine art, antique furniture, a pool table, fine china, a piano or anything else that requires extra care.


1810 Dobbin Drive

San Jose, CA 95133‎

(408) 214-5333

Mont/Rose Moving Systems, Inc.


Partner Van Lines –Partner Van Lines offers everything you can want in a moving company and more. All of their movers are well trained and experienced so they can handle any home or office move near or far. They offer an array of moving services and use quality equipment, tools, materials and supplies to make sure your belongings are well protected throughout your move. Estimates are available so you can see the costs of labor for your move at their very competitive prices.

2500 Old Middlefield Way

Mountain View, CA 94043‎

(800) 966-8380

Partner Van Lines

Piedmont Moving Systems – Piedmont Moving Systems has been a leading moving service in the area for over thirty years. They can assist with any type of relocation and get you to your new apartment, condo, house, office or corporate park with efficiency and speed. They are also glad to provide you with any storage areas you may need should you need to warehouse belongings before or after your move. Quotes for the rates, prices and costs of your particular move can be arranged with a phone call.


1555 S 7th St

San Jose, CA 95112‎

(408) 520-9925

Piedmont Moving Systems






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