San Mateo is a city located in San Mateo County in California. It is one of the largest suburbs that is part of the San Francisco Peninsula on San Francisco Bay. It is highly involved in the technology and electronics industries that are a crucial part of the Silicon Valley area. Incorporated back in 1894, San Mateo was always a vacation spot for the wealthy along the San Francisco Bay. The city is filled with outdoor recreation areas such as parks, trails, beaches and access to Sugarloaf Mountain, all of which can provide many outdoor activities for visitors and residents. While technology plays a major role in the local economy, there are also a number of jobs in the government and health services sectors. San Mateo has a population of just over 97,200 people, making it a large city in the area.

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San Mateo is the ideal destination not just for tourists but for those looking for a new place to settle for a home or business. The moving services that operate in and around the city offer a variety of services to assist you in making moving to San Mateo a smooth process.

San Mateo, California
San Mateo, California

San Mateo Moving Companies Directory

Cummings Moving Company – Cummings Moving Company is the moving service to call when you have specialty items that need to be moved. They can work with you to deftly and ably move your piano, jukebox, pool table, fine art, antique furniture, computer equipment or anything else that needs to be moved with special care and attention. They are fully licensed, bonded and insured and use only the best materials, supplies, tools and equipment to move your belongings and the forty years of experience they have in the business only adds to their professionalism.

275 S Maple Ave

South San Francisco, CA 94080‎

(650) 692-3000

Cummings Moving Company

 Partner Van Lines –Partner Van Lines can work with any residential, industrial, commercial and corporate move that you need accomplished. They will work hard to make sure all of your belongings are handled properly and safely for the entire project. They offer several services to assist you in your move to your new apartment, condo, house or office. Quotes are available so you can learn more about the rates and prices of your move.

2500 Old Middlefield Way

Mountain View, CA 94043‎

(800) 966-8380

Partner Van Lines

AVL Moving Systems – AVL Moving Systems can make moves that are local, long distance or interstate for your home or business without any difficulty. They make sure all of your items receive the proper care and respect throughout the move and get everything to your new destination with safety and reliability. They offer full service moves to handle all of your packing and unpacking and provide other services, supplies and materials to get you what you need.

5201 Great America

Suite 520

Santa Clara, CA‎ 95054

(800) 973-0919

AVL Moving System

Bluesky Express Trucking Inc. – Bluesky Express Trucking, with ten years of experience in the moving business, knows what it takes to handle commercial and residential moves of all sizes. They can get you to your new apartment, condo, college dorm, house or office whether it is local across the city, long distance up the coast or out of state and across the country.

45200 Industrial Drive #2

Fremont, CA 94538‎

(510) 468-6668

Bluesky Express Trucking Inc.


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