Ventura is the county seat of Venture County in California. Incorporated in 1866, Ventura has been home to vast oil production and a thriving citrus industry. The area has seen major growth over the last thirty years because the area has so much to offer for both homeowners and businesses. Much of the employment in the area today is from government services, medical services and educational services in the area. There are many points of interest in the city, particularly in the beach areas where Ventura is known for the surfing action going on there, making it a popular tourist spot. Ventura has a population of over 106,000 people.

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Ventura has just about everything you could want in area in California. It has the great climate, wonderful community, good housing and job opportunities and plenty of recreation. Moving companies that work in the area can assist you with any type of move you need accomplished when you are moving to Ventura.

Ventura, California

Ventura, California

Ventura Moving Companies Directory

Bucks Movers and Transport – Bucks Movers and Transport can make moving much easier for any home or business owner. They have vast experience in the industry and can work with you on small or large moves to get you to your new location safely. They provide full service moves to assist with all of your packing and unpacking to make moving much easier for you.

1921 Castillo St.

Santa Barbara, CA‎

(805) 618-1354

Bucks Movers and Transport

Starving Students Movers, Inc. – Starving Students Movers has been providing quality moving to residential, commercial and industrial customers for over forty years. Moves that are local, long distance or out of state are always welcome and they will work their hardest to make sure your relocation is taken care of smoothly. They can also assist with any specialty moves of fragile items like fine art, antique furniture, a pool table or piano to make sure those items are moved correctly.

11934 W. Jefferson Blvd

Culver City, CA 90230

(877) 304-8626

Starving Students Movers, Inc.

Gemini Moving Specialists – Gemini Moving Specialists will do all that they can to make sure your move is a good experience. They will work closely with you throughout the process to make sure all of your needs are met when you move to a new apartment, condo, house, office or corporate location. Quotes are available so you can see the costs involved in your move and that they offer some of the best cheap prices in the area.

12356 McIvers Court

Poway, CA 92064‎

(800) 899-0988

Gemini Moving Specialists

Sheeler Moving and Storage – Sheeler Moving and Storage are agents of Wheaton Van Lines, a prominent moving company in the country today. They can handle moves of any size for any home or business and can take you just a few miles away or interstate hundreds of miles away. Estimates are available so you can see the rates, prices and cost of labor for your particular move.

6020 Nicolle St

Ventura, CA 93003‎

(805) 658-1943

Sheeler Moving and Storage


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